How do I manage who can access Residual Value Tracker within my organisation?


Residual Value Tracker allows you to manage your users through the User Management functionality.

Once set up, you and/or others in your organisation will be set up as a product administrator – giving you rights over who can access the product.

Using the User Management link (under My Profile) you can invite new users to the product, delete users and change their user/admin status.

To invite a new user select “Invite Users” and enter their email address and whether they should be a user or have administrator access. An automated email will then be sent to the recipient including a link required to set up their account. This link is only active for 24 hours. If the new account is not set up within this time you’ll need to resend the invitation link.

This can be done by finding the user in the User Management page and selecting "Resend Invite". Until the user has clicked on the link to set up their profile, they will be shown as "Pending Verification".


You can search for a user using their name or email address in the search bar and change their role using the drop down option next to their name. Selecting a user by clicking on the checkbox next to their name will allow you to delete a user. Once deleted the user will not be able to log on to Residual Value Tracker.


Under "Settings" on the Manage Users page you can also select how often users passwords should expire. Once selected, this will apply to everyone in your organisation logging on to Residual Value Tracker. This means that users will be prompted to change their password at the frequency you select.