How do I find a vehicle?


To start searching for a vehicle, firstly navigate to the "Find Vehicle" page using the menu bar on the left hand side of the page.

Find_vehicle.jpgOnce there, there are several ways to find a vehicle in Residual Value Tracker. The search functionality allows you to search by cap ID, manufacturer, model or derivative name. You can search for multiple cap IDs at the same time by just including a comma to separate them.

The search bar will return results for both cars and LCVs unless you specify the vehicle type you are looking for using the Vehicle Type filter.

The search is able to pick up on some spelling mistakes, returning results even if there is a character difference to the term that has been searched for.

Up to 10,000 results can be returned at any one time, so we recommend using the filters to continue narrowing your search to get to your desired results.

There are many filters that can be applied to help find a vehicle. Selecting the drop down arrow next to each filter will display the options available under that filter heading.

The numbers in grey that appear next to each filter show the number of results that will be returned if you add the filter.