How do I add vehicles to a basket?


If you are on the “Find Vehicle” screen and have selected the vehicle(s) that you wish to add to a basket then click the “Add vehicles to basket” button.

This will bring up the “Add Vehicles to Basket” pop up.


From here you can select a basket to add your vehicles to and also specify how they should be added to the basket.

Adding a different items will ensure that each vehicle you selected will be added to the basket as its own individual item.

Adding vehicles as a static item groups them together and averages their values so a single result is returned in reports.

Adding vehicles to an existing group adds them to an existing static item that you have already created.


Once you have selected the basket you wish to work from, the product will remember your basket selection for the duration of your session. This means next time you wish to add vehicles to a basket the selected basket will already be pre-populated - but can easily be changed in the drop down menu if you wish.