What is Residual Value Tracker?


Residual Value Tracker provides a tracking and trending application for the purpose of analysing historic data. Within an easy to use online tool; the application is powered by cap hpi’s market-leading current and future valuation data for both cars and LCVs.

Customers subscribing to cap hpi’s Insight Data can continue to view this data alongside current & future values and insight average data.

Note: Residual Value Tracker uses our monthly valuations for both cars and LCVs.

Ten year's worth of historic data is included within the product as standard for 2 primary functions:

1. Searchable history of current and future values - provides analysis of historic valuation data and aids understanding of the used vehicle market through time.

2. Analysis of historic current and future values - a tool that allows customised groups to be defined containing vehicles of your choice for easy comparison.


To find out more about how we value vehicles are different conditions please visit: https://caphpi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006958593-Vehicle-Condition-Standards

To view our monthly Editorial describing the monthly market overview, please visit: https://www.cap-hpi.com/editorials