Age vs. Mileage


The Age vs. Mileage report displays valuation data for your selected vehicles at a specified age and mileage.

For example if you select a contract months period of 36 months and a contract mileage of 60,000 miles then the values returned will show how much each vehicle is valued at at 36 months old, 60k miles for each month.

When selecting to run the Age vs. Mileage report, you will firstly need to specify the report criteria.

Select the basket of vehicles you wish to generate the report using, as well as the months, mileage and report period.

The datasets you are able to select from are displayed under the "Datasets" section. Select one or more datasets. For further information of what each dataset consists of, hover over the grey information icon displayed next to each of them.


Once you have selected your report criteria, you will be able to generate a report.

The report will initially display as a table, showing your list of vehicles down the left and hand side with the values on the right.

You can use the toggle buttons to include percentages and movements which will add lines to your table showing the percentage of cost new and the monthly movement in value respectively.

You can also toggle the data to a chart format.


Hovering over a point on the graph will display the vehicle, value and month that is being displayed.

Selecting a portion of the graph with your mouse will zoom in on that area. This can be reset using the "zoom out" or "reset" options in the top right corner of the chart.

The key on the right side of the chart shows which lines on the chart represent which dataset. More datasets and other report options can be changed at any point using the Report Setting options.

Underneath the chart is each vehicle in your basket that has generated data for this report, showing you the cap ID and the derivative name. If you do not wish data from all vehicles to be shown on your chart then vehicles can be hidden using the eye icon next to each vehicle.

Data from each report can also be exported to an excel file. By pressing the "Export Data" button an excel file will automatically generate showing your report results. If you have selected to view Percentages and/or Movements, these will display on different tabs within the excel file.