Setting up Your Account


There are two ways you can gain access to Valuation Anywhere. One, the most common, is to receive an invitation from an existing admin user of the platform. The second way is when you buy the product for the very first time.

Invited via an Admin User

For the majority of users, this will be your experience of joining Valuation Anywhere. The admin user will create your account, providing a name, location and your email address. We will then send a link to this email address. This is specific to you and will be accessible for 14 days. No one else can use this link to create an account.
Clicking this link will open up the Valuation Anywhere product and ask you to set a password. This must be between 8 and 64 characters and contain at least one number. If it matches these criteria then the password will be set and you will be able to sign in to the product. This confirms that the details are correct and allows you to start using the product.

Invited as the First User

When you first pay for Valuation Anywhere there will be a user created for you. This is the first user and is an 'owner' of Valuation Anywhere. We will have created this user on your behalf and will provide you with the details.
You will be able to access the product straight away using these credentials and will be an admin user. As an admin user, you can invite more people to Valuation Anywhere. Including the creation of other admin users who can do the same. The total number of users is limited based on the number of licenses purchased.
Regardless of the method, you will now have access to Valuation Anywhere. When you sign in for the first time you will need to accept our terms and conditions. You can view these again through the 'Terms & Conditions' link. You can find this in the footer and profile menu (bottom and top right).