Finding a Vehicle


There are three methods of finding a new vehicle within Valuation Anywhere. The most common is to use the vehicle's registration to perform a Registration Lookup. This will only work for cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs). The other options are to search for the vehicle yourself using the free text search or the manual look up. With the free text search, you can use the cap ID or vehicle name to automatically search for the vehicle. Alternatively, you can use the drop downs of the manual lookup to find the correct vehicle. Both the free text search and the manual lookup work for all 4 vehicle types.


Find a vehicle via the registration

For cars and LCVs, this is the quickest and simplest way to find a vehicle within Valuation Anywhere. Using the field in the top left, you can enter the registration of the vehicle. There is also the ability to add a mileage at this point, which helps to produce a more accurate valuation. If you're happy with all the details entered you will be able to press go or hit the enter key.


Find a vehicle via free text search

The easiest way to search for a vehicle using the method is to enter a cap ID, if known, or use all or part of the vehicle name which will find matching vehicles straight away. If using the cap ID remember to select the relevant vehicle type from the drop down.

Once you have searched for a vehicle you have the option to further filter down the results that you are seeing. Using the filter options on the left hand side you can filter your results by manufacturer, model and range.


Find a vehicle via manual lookup


This method requires more information than a registration lookup or the free text search. In order to find a vehicle using this method, use the drop-down boxes to enter the manufacturer, range etc of the vehicle you are looking for.

Both of these manual methods need two further pieces of information. We need the date of first registration and a mileage before we can find a vehicle. Without these, we cannot provide a valuation. These are entered on the “Confirm Vehicle” pop up box.


Confirming the Vehicle

When you find a vehicle, you will need to confirm that this is the correct vehicle. This is done through the pop-up window that Valuation Anywhere will present. There are a few actions available within this window:

- You will be able to enter a reference for this vehicle. This can allow you to find the vehicle in the future by searching for that specific reference. Due to GDPR, there should be no personal details entered this into the field.

- You can also assign the vehicle to a specific group. After a lookup, the found vehicle will be saved to your 'My Valuations' group. You can choose to add it to a different group.

- You may see valuations performed by other people within your organisation. These can be viewed and edited by yourself, meaning you do not need to create a new valuation every time.

- Some vehicle will have alternate derivatives. These will appear where we do not know exactly which derivative it should be. This is usually because of the options fitted to the vehicle.
When you're happy with how this is set up, you can choose to 'Create New Valuation', (or select an existing one). This will save the vehicle to the selected group and present you the information we hold on that vehicle.