Managing Your Users


Any admin user has the ability to manage who has access to what within the product. This requires you to access the Maintain Users area, found within the Admin menu in the top right of the screen. From here you can add and remove users, as well as customise what they're able to do within the product. Some of these options will be dependant upon your subscription settings.

Adding Users

Giving someone access to Valuation Anywhere means adding them as a user of the product. To do this, you need to select the 'Create New User' button. This screen allows you to enter their details and customise the features that they're able to see and use. All users will start with their name and email.
The mobile number is optional, and if provided will allow them to perform valuations via SMS. The location field allows you to assign the user to an existing group, which would be based on location or job role. You can add or remove locations from the 'Subscriber Settings' area.
If you're happy with the details entered you can choose to 'Save' this user. This will send them an email to set their password and complete the process.

Removing Users

There are two ways of 'removing' a user from Valuation Anywhere. You can either delete their entire account or you can remove their ability to access the product. The method used will depend on the reasons for removing their access.
Removing their access means setting their account to inactive. This will mean that the user can no longer use their account to sign into the product but will still exist as a user. To do this you need to select their account and uncheck the 'Account is active' option in the User Options. Saving this will then remove the account and mean that they cannot sign into the product anymore. You can undo this at a later date to restore the account, which will keep all their settings the same.
You can delete an entire user as well. This will remove them from the system and delete all their saved settings. This cannot be undone and should the user need access again they would need setting up as a new user. You can delete a user by selecting them from the user list and click the 'Delete User' button. This will then ask for you to confirm the action and, if you do, will remove the user from the system.

Configuring a User

Every user can have their own set of configurations. These will customise their exact abilities within Valuation Anywhere. But they are dependant upon the subscriptions available to you. For example, you can choose which vehicle types a user can value, but only for those you subscribe to. You can also stop a user seeing retail values or future values.
These are all called 'User Options' and need to be set against each user. The default allows a user access to everything that your subscription allows. Any admin user will have the ability to set and change these for any account, including their own.