Vehicle Options


Any car within Valuation Anywhere will have a series of options saved against it. These are the standard options that were available when the vehicle was new. You can view these options under the 'Vehicle Options' tab below the valuation table.


The tab will present back the optional equipment available for that car. The list of equipment itself is split into sections. These group options as 'Driver Convenience', 'Exterior Features', etc. By splitting the options in this way we can help focus the search for a specific option.

There are four details provided for every option. The first is a checkbox on the left. This will mark that option as being present on the vehicle. The second is it's name, which may not be a perfect match for the manufacturer's name for that same option. Thirdly is a 'Price New', which is what that option will have cost to fit to the vehicle when it was brand new. Finally, some options will have an info icon, placed near the price. This will show any other options affected as a result of adding this option to the vehicle, based on known rules. This helps dictate what is and isn't a valid selection of options for that car.


With options selected, the 'Summary' item on the right will list the options and their price. A total price gets calculated based on the options selected. Again this is based on those options being new and does not take into account the age of the vehicle. Since this is the case the value is not added to the vehicle tables. But it does help show that, although not accurate, the vehicle is not a standard model so is worth more.