As the name suggests, Valuation Anywhere focuses on getting a valuation. There are four types of valuations available: Current, Live, Future and Historic. There are different subscriptions for each valuation and vehicle type. Your account setup will also depend on what valuations you're able to see. The valuation tables will present all these values. One table will handle the future values and the other shows the historic. Both show the Current and Live values as standard.

Current Values

These are the default values available within Valuation Anywhere. These are set at the start of each month and remain the same throughout. These appear as the first value in the table, the 'Monthly' value.

Live Values

The second column in the table handles the Live values. These update daily, although there may be no movement. This offers higher accuracy throughout the month when compared to the monthly value.

These are combined with the commentary item to the top right of the table. This gives access to the reasoning behind changes that take place. Meaning you get to understand why these values are changing.

Future Values

The rest of the table handles the future values, looking at the movement over the next 12 months. By seeing the monthly movement of a price you can predict a sale price based on average stock turnover. This helps ensure that you get a good sale price for your buy price.

These monthly values are also adjusted based on a mileage. This can be altered by changing the 'Mileage Adjustment' setting to the top left of the table. You can have it calculated by us based on the current age and mileage. Or set it to a manual figure per month. It can also be removed if you aren't interested in any monthly mileage change.

Historic Values

This is another set of values available as standard. This tracks the last 12 months of values, allowing you to see the historic movement. This is below the future values table, hidden behind a collapsable menu. Expanding this will show the historic values in the same format table.