Total Cost of Ownership


The cost of ownership is available for any car within Valuation Anywhere, up to an age of 5 years old. It can approximate a monthly running cost for the looked up vehicle. For it to calculate this cost it will assume a 3 year ownership, doing 36,000 miles in that time. This will then present back an approximate total cost, broken down into a monthly cost and a per mile cost. You can find the Total Cost of Ownership tab under the valuation tables.
Within the tab there are 2 key areas to notice, the 'Overall Cost' and the 'Cost Breakdown'. The 'Overall Cost' will present the total cost for the 3 year period, alongside the monthly and per mile costs. These give a general idea of the costs to keep the vehicle running.
The 'Cost Breakdown' takes the total cost and shows the various elements that made up that total. For example the Depreciation in the image above is £5,145, accounting for almost half the total cost. This can be useful in knowing what to look for in the next vehicle. If the Fuel cost is too high then a higher mpg would be important. This helps in finding a vehicle for a consumer, and eases any concerns around running the vehicle.
This feature will only work on cars, not on any other vehicle type (which will result in the above error).
If the car is over 5 years old then the above error gets shown to explain this.