Specification Details


Each vehicle has a large amount of specification data available to it. We split this data between two areas, technical information and the standard equipment. The 'Specification' tab, found below the valuation tables, will present this information. The amount of detail available will vary depending on the vehicle type.

Technical Information

All 4 vehicle types have technical information, although to a varying level of detail. There is a large amount of information available for cars, covering several sections. However, the other vehicle types will vary with what is and isn't available to show. What is available will get split between several sections, grouping details together. These are:
  • Emissions
  • Engine and Drive Train
  • Fuel Consumption
  • General
  • Performance
  • Tyres
  • Vehicle Dimensions
  • Weight and Capacities

Standard Equipment

This will list all the equipment fitted to a vehicle as standard at the time of manufacture. This does not mean that these are currently fitted, as an owner can fit their own items to replace them. Any removed or replaced item can be unticked on the left which will show that it is no longer valid for that vehicle. This will have no impact on the valuation but will get listed in the PDF as removed equipment.
The equipment information is only available for cars. We cannot show this information for the other vehicle types.